Guided Maine White Tail Deer Hunt

PB Guide Service offers the best guided Maine White Tail Deer hunting packages available.

PB Guide Service offers trophy Whitetail Deer hunts throughout November.  We’re hunting large, dense wilderness, so your chances of seeing a deer may not be as good as in the farmlands of central Maine, but if you see a deer, it will most likely be the largest deer you’ve ever shot.  Every year, a hunter with PB Guide Service takes a buck weighing over 200 lbs.  Add to that the scarce competition from other hunters, and you have a great opportunity to find a true trophy Whitetail….read more here.

Guided Maine Moose Hunt

PB Guide Service offers the best guided Maine Moose hunting packages available.
If registering for the lottery, PB Guide Service is located in WMD (Zone) 4.  WMD 4 is one of the most densely populated Moose regions in the state.  Each year, several moose weighing between 800-1000 lbs, are taken from this district…read more here

Guided Maine Black Bear Hunt

PB Guide Service offers the best guided Maine black bear hunting package available.

PB Guide Service specializes in quality, baited, fully guided, black bear hunts.  Maine has one of the highest black bear populations in North America, and no region in Maine has a greater population of bear than where we hunt out of.  Our success rate is consistently over 80%, with nearly 100% seeing one (if not many) bear… read more here

Professionally Guided Maine Moose, Bear, & Deer Hunts

Maine Moose Hunt WMD 4

In 2011, Bob Harvey took this 900lb Bull Moose with a 53″ spread on opening day of the hunt.

Professional With P.B. Guide Service, you get more than a discounted hunt.  You’ll get the help of guides with years of experience hunting Maine Moose.  Since 1994, we’ve guided over 120 successful Moose Hunts.

Many of the Bull Moose we’ve brought in have measured spreads between 50-57″ and weights of over 900lbs.

In addition to our years of successful Moose hunting experience, you’ll get access to the best lodging in WMD 4.  Located along the Maine/Quebec border, we hunt over 400 square miles of unpopulated forests and private dirt roads where we are the only permanent outfitter.  We operate a year-round lodge with full-time cooks, so you won’t have to worry about staying in a tent or cooking your own meals.

Our camps also feature full time electricity, flush toilets, heat, phone, satellite T.V., hot showers, and a walk-in cooler (where you can store your Maine Moose until you’re ready to leave).  No one offers a more comfortable stay in a more remote location of WMD 4 than P.B. Guide Service.

We offer two options for the Maine Moose Hunt.  We offer a Guided Moose Hunt, where you h

unt one on one with an experienced Maine Guide (price, without discount: $2,500, includes meals, lodging, transportation of moose, and guide for you and your subpermittee).

For those who just want a place to stay, we also offer a Non-Guided, Bed & Meals Hunt, (price, without discount:  $500 per week or $170 for the first two days and $85 each additional day).

With either option, my guides and I will help you in whatever way we can.

By hunting with P.B. Guide Service, you’re giving yourself the best opportunity to shoot a Maine Moose in WMD 4.  That way, you can stop worrying about your Maine Moose hunt, and start looking forward to it.

Trophy Bull Moose Maine

Every year, hunters with P.B. Guide Service shoot trophy Maine Moose.

I have limited space available, and with 600 permits being given out in WMD 4, that space will fill quickly.  So if you have any questions or if you want more information, don’t hesitate to call me any time at 207-474-2644.

You can also email us at

Congratulations again on drawing a Maine Moose Permit.  I hope to hear from you soon.

Paul Beauregard
Owner, P.B. Guide Service

P.S.  Here’s the contact information for two Moose Hunters who have been with P.B. Guide Service.  Both Bob and Clayton have shot trophy Maine Moose, and they know firsthand what it’s like to hunt with P.B Guide Service.

Bob Harvey

Clayton Davis