Deer Hunts | Guided Deer Hunts in Maine

deer game pole

PB Guide Service offers the best guided deer hunts in Maine with deer hunting packages available.
Quick Facts
Season: November
Hunts:  Semi-Guided/Bed and Meals
Hunt Duration: 1 week, including lodging and meals

PB Guide Service offers trophy Whitetail Deer hunts throughout November.  We’re hunting large, dense wilderness, so your chances of seeing a deer may not be as good as in the farmlands of central Maine, but if you see a deer, it will most likely be the largest deer you’ve ever shot.  Every year, a hunter with PB Guide Service takes a buck weighing over 200 lbs.  Add to that the scarce competition from other hunters, and you have a great opportunity to find a true trophy Whitetail.



Theresa from NY with her 1st deer, 245lb. 10pt

PB Guide Service offers the best guided Maine white tail deer hunting package available.

All deer hunts with PB Guide Service are considered “semi-guided”.  This means that, like our “bed and meals” options, you are provided with food and lodging, but also, we offer use of our stands and shooting cabins.  We’ll also provide any advice and suggestions that we can, and if you need help tracking a buck, we’ll assist you there, too.

Do to overlapping seasons, you may also have a chance to shoot coyotes, a bear, or grouse during the deer hunt.

With PB Guide Service, you have a great opportunity to hunt record setting deer at an affordable price.