Guided Black Bear Hunt

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A single night of hunting

PB Guide Service offers the best Guided bear hunts in Maine and have hunting package available.

(Scroll down for information on our “Guaranteed Hunt”)


Quick Facts
Season: Late August-September
Hunts:  Fully Guided or Guaranteed
Hunt Duration: 1 week, including lodging and meals

PB Guide Service specializes in quality, baited, fully guided, black bear hunts.  Maine has one of the highest black bear populations in North America, and no region in Maine has a greater population of bear than where we hunt out of.  Our success rate is consistently over 80%, with nearly 100% seeing one (if not many) bear.

We maintain a substantial number of baits to ensure that each hunter has access to an active bait.  To make sure our baits are active, we use trail timers on all baits we plan on hunting during the week.  A trail timer lets us know the specific time that the first bear comes to the bait.  By knowing this, we don’t waste time having you hunt a site where the bear isn’t coming in until after dark.

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For the hunt, you’ll arrive on Sunday.  Currently, Sunday hunting is illegal in Maine, so we use Sunday to get you acquainted with the area and the bait you’ll be hunting.  Each hunter is different, and what’s comfortable for one may not be so for another, so we give you a chance to look over the stand and site before you hunt it.  That way, we can make any adjustments to the stand/bait to make you more comfortable and confident.

For the bear hunt, we offer the following options:

1) “Guaranteed Hunt” – If you schedule this hunt and don’t see a bear to shoot, you can return next season for free.  We don’t want people shooting at a sow with cubs, so we don’t consider that a “shootable” bear, but we expect you shoot at any other bear seen on bait.  This option is more expensive than the regular bear hunt, but it provides added confidence for the hunter.

2) “Regular Hunt” – Like the “Guaranteed Hunt,” this option includes a week of meals and lodging and is fully guided.  The only difference is the guarantee.  The vast majority of our bear hunters choose this option. 

There’s much more to be said about our black bear hunt, so please don’t hesitate to call us with any questions.